I will be at Booth # 522 this Saturday and Sunday 12/9-12/10 2017 for the Art Providence Holiday Show. Please

come by, say hi, and check out some new work I created just for Providence! Hope to see you there!







2018 G.A.S. Conference; Venice, Italy

I am thrilled to announce that I have been accepted as a demonstrating artist at the GAS conference in Venice. The demonstration will be at the Effetre Glass Studio on Murano. I will be making a piece based on designs I created with Effetre glass during my recent residency at The Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass, in Corning, New York. This will be a dream come true and I am beyond honored to be working before my peers at one of the epicenters of glassmaking history. 

Corning Residency

Artist in Residence at the Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass

March 21 - April 23 2017

I am honored and excited to be accepted as a 2017 Artist in Residence at the Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass.

The proposal for my residency is to melt Effetre (Morretti) crystal glass and use Effetre colors at the Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass. The focus of this residency will be learning to adapt the format that Effetre provides as their raw materials to my designs in cane and murrini.  With this experimentation I expect to discover how different processes conform to my needs and how I will need to retool my approach and techniques to create my work. This will include exploring the effects of viscosity differentials of different colors when molten. The low melting point of these colors will affect the blowing process and I will need to learn how to handle the glass in the blowing studio to achieve its best performance. This discovery, developed over the course of the residency, will inform the behavior of pattern, form, and surface. I believe this will be an excellent opportunity to research the possibilities of this glass in the American market where it is not widely used for glassblowing. I am aware of only a handful of American glass artists that are using Effetre to make their work. My research and investment into the availability, use, and technical aspects of this glass will be a valuable introduction of this product into small studio practices in the United States as well as exploring the possibilities of this glass in my own unique work.


The Pittsburgh Glass Center: Reticello is for Punks


This class is for students who wish to start working with cane or are looking to practice more complicated work. The goal will be to learn to pull colored glass into cane and then use it to make patterned vessels. We will work in teams to practice techniques and demystify this challenging way of working with glass and color. Advanced exercises will be included as part of daily demonstrations and students will be assigned aspects of what they observe as part of their goal for their work time. Reticello is for punks because there are so many amazing things we can do with stripes (but we'll make Reticello too!) Get ready to experiment and learn hard. Students interested in this class should have experience working in a hot glass studio and be able to comfortably take two gathers, do color overlays, and bring a punty.

Indianapolis Art Center: Yes we Cane!

August 9-13 2017

This class will be great for students that wish to start working with cane or that use cane but would like some direction towards more complicated projects.
Emphasis on proper glassblowing techniques such as gathering, marvering, and turning will establish a solid foundation to build your designs on. 
Our goal will be to practice working as synchronized teams to learn to pull cane and pick them up on a blowpipe. From there we will approach more advanced iterations such as vertical cane pulls and stuffed cups.
My goal is to break down this complicated technique into manageable and focused steps that students will be able to reference as they continue working with cane in their studio practice.